Code Of Conduct

Renegades Rugby is club within the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, and a representative body of Rugby Worldwide.

It is therefore critical we maintain high standards of behaviour and conduct, in order to attract and maintain players, members, and sponsors. Everyone associated with Renegades Rugby should additionally consider our charity work, when conducting themselves as club members.

The financial viability of Renegades Rugby depends upon the ongoing support of our sponsor partners. They are proud of their association with our club and what it stands for. They also provide us all the opportunity to enjoy rugby together, and help us with fund raising and charity work.

In addition, we interact with many rugby entities including other clubs, refereeing bodies, and rugby associations, and the character of the club is reflected in what we all do, whether on or off the field.

As a member of the NSWSRU, Renegades Rugby is bound by and has adopted the Rugby Australia Code of Conduct. As a result, the following statements indicate behaviours we expect from all members:

  • Abide by the laws of the game of rugby union, including respect of match officials.
  • Speak respectfully to the opposition and their supporters.
  • Provide assistance in running the club, including financial commitments.
  • Respect the property of Renegades Rugby and opposition clubs.
  • Conduct ourselves in such a manner that praise of our club, and the people associated with it, can be the only result.

Any members who breach of the code of conduct will be asked to appear before the Committee who will have the power to implement expulsions, suspensions and/or fines.

Renegades Rugby Committee

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