Game Day

    1. In-goal: Post pads with corner & dead ball flags (8 x spring base)
    2. Sideline: 22m + 50m flags (6 x solid base) both sides, 2m from sideline
    3. Sideline: Rope off 5m margin in front of canteen – length of field
    4. Sideline: Marquee on halfway for both teams behind rope with seating
    5. SAFETY: Use the Eels’ post pads in the NW corner to cover plumbing gear
    6. Visiting Team: Greet and advise setup area north of storage shed, ice in canteen
    7. COVID: Outdoor COVID signage; sanitiser at canteen & in toilets; swim lane for canteen
    8. Referee: welcome with offer of free food/drink, storage in canteen, invite to post-match
    9. Medical: Check AED in canteen is ready (green indicator)
    10. Medical: Stretcher retrieved from shed and available for physios
    11. Catering: BBQ set up, iPad loaded and ready for Square
    12. Facilities: Check toilets and change rooms are clean and stocked
    13. Rugby: Three match-quality balls available
    1. Laundry basket with garbage bag ready for used jerseys
    2. Ground Marshal: designated bib, visible and proactive
    3. COVID Officer: designation (bib?), visible, proactive
    4. Water Runners: designated bibs, player water bottles in rack
    5. Physio: tape, pink bib, disinfectant wipes, concussion/serious injury folder
    6. Assistant Ref: get flag from jersey bag, appropriate shirt/bib
    7. Meeting of 5: referee to meet with Ground Marshals and Assistant Refs

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