Honour Board

Every year we recognise those who make their mark either on the field or around the club. Whether it is scoring points, helping out with the BBQ, or being recognised by their peers, we take the time to ensure these people are rewarded for their efforts.

Season 2016
First Grade Player of the Year
John Sutherland
Second Grade Player of the Year
Luke Hourigan
Third Grade Player of the Year
Joseph Arthur
President's Award
Brent Rigney
Caps Milestone
50 caps
Morehu Reneti
Caps Milestone
50 caps
Tairongo Reneti
Caps Milestone
50 caps
Brent Rigney
Top Try Scorer
(9 tries)
Jeremy Leota
Top Points Scorer
(9t; 2c)
Jeremy Leota
Rookie of the Year
Adam Calvert
Most Improved
Laurence Bentley
First Grade Best Back
Timoci Vuniwa
Second Grade Best Back
Ralph Tuiafiso
Third Grade Best Back
Wayne Roretana
First Grade Player's Player
Mike Vaa
Second Grade Player's Player
Rob Roden
Third Grade Player's Player
Robert Prince
First Grade Coaches Award
Jordan Sharp
Second Grade Coaches Award
Jerome Clark
Third Grade Coaches Award
Brent Rigney

* Note that due to COVID, the 2021 season was truncated without finals or awards being presented, except for those who achieved a caps milestone.

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