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Beau Hape
Appearances 16 Caps
( 13 starts 3 bench )
Scoring Record 107 Points
( 9t 22c 4p 2dg )
2010 R3 Covies
2pts (1c)
1st 34-30
R4 Chatswood
20pts (2t 5c)
1st 52-19
R5 Notre Dame
10pts (1t 1c 1dg)
1st 20-10
R6 Rockdale
8pts (1c 2p)
1st 32-38
R7 The Vales
2pts (1c)
1st 29-7
R8 Mac Uni
7pts (1t 1c)
1st 39-14
R9 St George
9pts (1t 2c)
1st 36-35
R11 Harlequins 1st 10-37
R12 Covies
17pts (1t 6c)
1st 67-20
R15 Notre Dame
9pts (1t 2c)
1st 50-7
R16 The Vales
10pts (2c 2p)
1st 42-24
R17 Mac Uni 1st 46-35
R18 St George 1st 5-50
R18 St George 2nd 13-31
MajSF Harlequins
5pts (1t)
1st 28-22
GF St George
8pts (1t 1dg)
1st 10-22