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Andrew Lima
Appearances 24 Caps
( 21 starts 3 bench )
Scoring Record 168 Points
( 15t 33c 9p )
2014 R2 Convicts
5pts (1t)
1st 14-10
R5 Mac Uni 1st 3-12
R5 Mac Uni
2pts (1c)
2nd 21-19
2013 R1 Canterbury
9pts (1t 2c)
1st 19-33
R3 Mac Uni 1st 7-36
R10 Convicts 1st 5-52
R11 Covies
11pts (1t 3c)
1st 64-7
R11 Covies 2nd 31-18
2012 R1 Notre Dame
16pts (2t 3c)
1st 26-12
R2 Maccabi
12pts (1t 2c 1p)
1st 17-40
R3 Roseville
7pts (1t 1c)
1st 7-54
R4 The Vales
16pts (2c 4p)
1st 31-31
R5 Covies
8pts (1t 1p)
1st 25-12
11pts (1t 3c)
1st 48-20
R10 Notre Dame
7pts (1t 1c)
1st 36-13
R12 The Vales
5pts (1c 1p)
1st 20-35
R13 Roseville
14pts (1t 3c 1p)
1st 36-3
6pts (3c)
1st 36-19
R15 Covies
7pts (1t 1c)
1st 52-10
R16 Canterbury
7pts (2c 1p)
1st 17-21
R17 Redfield
11pts (1t 3c)
1st 31-50
R17 Redfield
7pts (1t 1c)
2nd 17-22
R18 Harlequins
7pts (1t 1c)
1st 24-45
R18 Harlequins 2nd 12-24