Registration via RugbyXplorer

All Players, Coaches, and Volunteers register via RugbyXplorer.

Make sure your details match your photo ID – passport, drivers licence etc.


Open the app and choose “More” in the bottom right

Tap “Register” from the list

Enter your email. If you don’t have a profile already, it will get you to create one. If you have a profile it will ask for your login details.

After this step you may need to tap “More” and tap “Register” again.

Select “Play Rugby”

Use Renegades as the search term in the next page – select the club and hit “Next”

For Players, set up the screen as below. Coaches and Volunteers etc, select the appropriate option. DO NOT SELECT “TRAINING ONLY”. Hit Next.

After this you’ll enter personal details, take a photo, and then any Additional or Emergency Information.

When you get to “Registration Summary”. Scroll down, tick the Terms & Conditions box and tap “Pay $0”.

You’re done!

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ABN 65 421 932 599
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