Renegades Rewards

By being a Member with us, you get access to Monty’s Rewards.

This app gets you a 5% discount at a range of locations across Sydney and Australia, as well as 5% going to the Club, wherever you see this logo:

Download the app from here:

Open the app and select Profile in the bottom right-hand corner

Go to “My Account” – you’ll be asked to set one up if it doesn’t exist.

Go back to to “Profile” where your details should be visible. Click EDIT

You’ll see your details, and a “CLUB CODE” option. Enter NETR into this space and hit SAVE in the top right hand corner.

You’ll go back to your Profile screen and now see NETR and RENEGADES

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Renegades Rugby
Stone Mason Drive
0476 185 702
| [email protected]
ABN 65 421 932 599
INC 9886221 (NSW Fair Trading)

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